Parabolizing 1

03.06.2014. I used the parabolization stroke for thirty-five minutes and moved from strong spheroidicity to 2/5 wave.

06.06.2014. I continued with parabolizing strokes. Some turned down edge led to some tightening of the amplitude of the strokes. Then a hole in the center led to even more of a tightened amplitude, but with full side to side swing. The measurement at the evening was 2/21 waves!!!! But…

13.06.2014. … when I opened this evening with new measurements, the results were less striking: 1/5 wave. The consensus explanation is that the measurements at the end of last session were distorted in the mirror’s favor by the warmth generated by the polishing itself. Now I have to think my way through my options: continue parabolizing, or build the scope and star test, with or without aluminization. I’ll be seven weeks in Germany … plenty of time to reflect on the matter.

This phase of parabolizing took roughly 90 minutes.


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