Connecting the Parts

Connecting the Parts

2014.11.29. Step by step the pieces are coming together. Here are some photos showing the results of the Thanksgiving break. In the first two images I had the traps in place wrong, thus needing the clamps. A small shift accounts in the later photos for the absence of the clamps. Also note the inserts in place in the second image. I haven’t taken dye to them yet.

A lesson: it’s a monster, and really overbuilt for a 12.5″ mirror. Needless to say, it’s exciting to see so much of what’s only be in the imagination thus far.

2015.01.22. you’ll see from the progression of pictures below the steps taken in putting the pieces of the tube together. This evening I attached the altitudinal bearings to the mirror box: I centered the box between the mount’s altitudinal supports; I raised the box the roughly two-and-one-half inches that are the difference between the height of the box and the length of the hypotenuse formed by the centerline (radical of base of box to COG² plus half of width of box²). That is to say, I made sure the box was high enough that the box would clear the mount when the telescope was tilted down. I then rested the altitudinal bearings in the mount’s supports (with teflon pads taped in place) and tilted them to 45°, clamped it, and drilled holes to bolt the bearings and the mirror box. Once this process was complete, I attached the traps and the hat, held my breath, and swung. Hurray, it worked! It didn’t quite feel “buttery” as so many people describe the ideal, but it did move fully altitudinally and azimuthily. A few ticks may need buffing out, but it worked. Hurray!



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